Last Works 2.4.3 с превод

Last Works 2.4.3 с превод

Показва статиите в различни изгледи.





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Интеграция на Facebook коментари за K2

Интеграция на Facebook коментари за K2

Просто инсталирайте добавката и въведете задължителните параметри.

Също така проверете дали коментарите в К2 са включени.


Информация и изтегляне


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MK Countdown 1.1.0

MK Countdown 1.1.0

MK Countdown ползва библиотеката The Final countdown .js. Можете да избирате дата, час, да показва броячите в кръгове или квадрати, както и различни цветове.





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BT Aroma 2.3.0

After making a market research we have realized e-shops are remaining an ongoing issue, so decided to create Aroma. Aroma is a highly sophisticated, must have template, totally designed for demanding customers. Particularly, the light warm colours have affected the appeal of the template. In addition, the same features and technologies of Bonus Themes are included. It has a slideshow in the main page for your products presentation and the latest version of Virtue Mart for e-shops. It also supports the RTL language and has three columns lay out. Therefore Aroma is really fabulous. Just try it!

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BT adHome 2.2.0

adHome is a new dazzling template primarily built for professional estate agents. With adHome\'s flexible design you may also use it for a variety of other types of websites too.

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RSFirewall 2.8.12

RSFirewall 2.8.12

RSFirewall! is the most advanced Joomla! security extension (website firewall) that you can use to protect your Joomla! website from intrusions and hacker attacks. It's backed up by a team of experts that are trained to be always up to date with the latest known vulnerabilities, security updates making RSFirewall! the best choice in keeping your website safe.

» Backend Password - Add an extra layer of security by typing in a password before logging in the administration!
» Blacklist - Block unwanted (single or multiple using wildcards ..., CIDR notation and ranges) IP addresses.
» IPv6 support
» Whitelist - Bypass protections for selected IPs.
» Stop brute-force login attempts - Capture login attempts (as well as incorrect passwords).
» Malware database - Detects obfuscated, encoded as well as potentially dangerous files (eg. base64encode, eval, gzinflate, pregreplace /e)
» Automatically drop dangerous files when they're uploaded - such as .php, .js, .exe, .com, .bat, .cmd
» Disable the creation of new Administrators
» Protects selected Administrators from any changes - including password change!
» Log all security events and send messages to specified email address(es)
» Powerful exception system - Disable protections based on User Agent, URL or component (regular expressions allowed).
» Database Check - Optimize & repair your database tables.
» Display CAPTCHA in the administration section after a predefined number of failed login attempts.

Active Protections
» Country blocking - Allows you to select which countries have access to your Joomla! website (also blocks anonymous proxies). Based on GeoIP Lite Country database.
» Local file inclusion (LFI)
» Remote file inclusion (RFI)
» SQL injection (SQLi)
» HTML, Javascript and CSS filtering (XSS)
» Denial of Service (DoS) - Block unwanted User Agents
» Automatic blacklist
» Actively scans POST and GET variables.
» Keeps an eye on sensitive Joomla! files and alerts you if they are changed.

System Check
» Check for the latest Joomla! & RSFirewall! versions.
» Provides suggestions on how to tighten your PHP & Joomla! configuration.
» Scan Joomla! core files for integrity.
» Scan files and folders for common permission errors.
» Scan files for common malware.

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EasyBlog 5.0.14

EasyBlog 5.0.14

Easy blog was featured on the Community Choice Extensions in Joomla Extensions Directory as one of the best blog component.

Why Choose Easy Blog?
1. All-in-One blog component to start blogging in Joomla because it has tons of features

  1. Easy Blog is integrated with tons of 3rd party Joomla extensions & non-Joomla addons

  2. Smooth and seamless blog layout integration with major Joomla tempates in the market

  3. Great for managing team blog and group blog with extensive ACL flexibility

  4. Top quality products backed by a team of experienced web developers (see our Reviews below)

  5. Most popular Joomla Blog component that professional and novice users love

Key Features of Easy Blog
- Support multiple blog authors in a single blog extension without requiring users to login to the back end
- Start posting blogs remotely from Windows LiveWriter, ScribeFire or MarsEdit
- Migrate blogs from Joomla articles, My Blog, K2 or Wordpress
- Easy Blog bundles with a built-in blog comment system; supports Facebook Comments
- Share blogs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more
- Manage images, files and other medias with group media sharing in the blog dashboard
- Display news within EasyBlog from other websites or blogs via feed imports
- Create blogs from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail to appear in EasyBlog

Additional Features for EasyBlog:
- Many blog templates available supporting Joomla templates/themes
- Control spam comments with built-in captcha tool, supports Recaptcha
- Viewable in mobile phones or tablets with Weever Apps support
- Monetize your blog with display ads by Google AdSense
- Micro blogging for short and fast blogging on the fly
- Supports a variety of search engine friendly plugins
- Add geo-locations with Google Maps
- and tons more...

EasyBlog Integrations List:
• Joomla Content Editor (JCE) / Joomla CK Editor (JCK)
• EasySocial / JomSocial / Community Builder / JomWALL / MightyTouch
• JFBConnect / AutoTweetNG
• sh404SEF / joomSEF / AceSEF / SEF Advance / ARTIO JoomSEF
• PayPlans
• SocialAds by TechJoomla
• MijoACL
• J!MailAlerts / MailChimp
• JA Comment / JComments / Facebook Comments / Disqus / Intense Debate / Komento
• RokSprocket by RocketTheme
• iJoomla SEO
• Joomla Content Statistics
• JV-Extensions
• Blogsy / Weever Apps
• Zemanta
• and tons of other blog integrations

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EShop 1.3.8 с превод

EShop 1.3.8 с превод

EShop е мощно магазинно приложение за Joomla! 2.5 и 3.x. Приложението EShop е базирано на Joomla MVC структура с множество възможности. Позволява Ви да създадете Вашият магазин много лесно. Следват ключовите възможности: 

* Responsive дизайн.

* jQuery, Ajax и Bootstrap.

* Множество поддържани теми: 

* Може да работи в режим на каталог.

* 16+ начина на плащане: Банков превод, Paypal,, Eway, Paypal Pro, DPS Px Pay, 2Checkout, SecurePay, Payflow Pro, SagePay, Nab Transact, WordPay, Payfast, FirstData E4, iDeal Mollie, SISOW: 

* 7+ начина за доставка: Доставка с фиксирана цена, Доставка за брой продукти, Безплатна доставка, Доставка базирана на теглото, Australia Post Shipping, UPS Shipping и др.

* Финализиране на покупката в една страница - опростено и бързо.

* Множество валути и ежедневното им обновяване.

* Множество езици (Английски, Български, Испански, Немски, Френски, Италиански и Турски за сега)

* Неограничен брой категории.

* Неограничен брой производители.

* Неограничен брой продукти.

* Оценки и отзиви за продуктите.

* Подобни продукти.

* Сравняване на продукти.

* Желани продукти.

* Неограничен брой снимки за продукт.

* Множество размери за снимките с опция за автоматично оразмеряване.

* Опции за продуктите (типове - избор, радио бутон, избираемо поле) с допълнителни цени.

* Продуктови атрибути.

* Поддръжка на талони.

* Възможност за полването на повече от един тип измервателни единици.

* Повече от един данък

* Детайлни отчети за поръчки, видяни продукти, закупени продукти.

* Възможност за изтегляне на фактура.

* Експортиране към CSV файлове.

* Споделяне на продуктите в социални мрежи.

* Интелигентни SEF адреси... и много други Сайт на приложениетоДемо на приложението

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